Posted on October 28, 2013

I recently started taking a few online courses (MOOCs – massive online open courses) in hopes of learning more about what ails me. I’ve been taking a course on Virology and one on Vaccines on CourseRA. I started Virology with the intention of becoming a genius and a microbiologist, but I’ve only retained some random facts. They are as follows:
– Women wouldn’t have placenta (yes, baby packages) were it not for some virus humans had a really long time ago. Feel free to Google it. I don’t really understand the concept of a placenta causing virus, but this definitely reinforces Placenta`s placement on my do not eat list.
– Human receptors for Avian Influenza viruses are buried deep in our lungs. So I now make an  effort to take shallow breaths around birds.
– Our bodies are so warm that mosquitoes feel heat shock after biting us.
So the other day I was fantasizing about how uncomfortable this must be for those little mosquito bodies as they took one bite after another bite after another out of me. They wouldn’t stop biting me. And they didn’t
even come close to landing on Megan. So it occurred me to pose a
question to the CIDP support Facebook page I frequent: “Do you get eaten alive by mosquitoes?” The answer was a resounding yes. In fact here are some of the actual comments my post received:

– “Yes!!”
– “YES, YES.”
– “Hell yeah”
And then I got this comment:
– “Apparently there are a few bugs that like to bite you because of the amount of certain antibodies within your system. Seeing as ours go kind of crazy producing certain antibodies then I guess it makes sense that we’d get bitten more.”
Wait, what? Time to Google! It is so gratifying when Google proves one
of my many CIDP conspiracy theories correct. Unfortunately the only thing I learned today was that I am not the first person to ask this question.
When Google fails me (as it did in this instance), I tend to turn to Plan B. Plan B is asking my doc (my neurologist). Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the things I’ve asked her:
– Is it a bad idea to get another tattoo?
– Can I go to the Bahamas?
– I complained about the food options at the infusion center. Is that ok?
Fortunately, Plan B is a viable option. And I have convinced myself that the mosquito question won’t phase her, I’m gonna shoot her an email. I’ll update all my millions of blog readers when I get a response. I do love a good medical mystery.


FYI: In this photo I’m posing in a scratching position but I swear there’s
a mosquito bite there. I felt the length of this blog post required an
action shot.

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