They Arrived!

Posted on December 5, 2013

The long awaited box of neuron cookie cutters showed up in the mail yesterday. In case you are new to my life, here’s the story of the neuron cookie cutters. 


This means that for the next few days, I will be snipping and folding and writing and resting… and then starting all over again. I’ve clearly got a big project on my hands. My weak hands. My clumsy hands. But I couldn’t be more thrilled for the challenge. 
As soon as the box arrived, I threw on a pair of jeans and hopped on the subway… I was just so excited to deliver the first cookie cutter to SuperNeuro. Without her, there would be no neuron cookie cutter. But also without her, I would not be on the insane steroid treatment I’ve been on. I’m only on the steroids for 4 days, but it’s a really high dose and it had been a struggle up until the moment the neuron cutters arrived. I’ll be honest… the roids are beating me up a bit this morning. But I’m content at the same time.
I wrote her this email at 3 am on day 1 of the steroid treatment: 
“I can’t sleep… it’s totally the steroids. Can I take an extra sleeping pill during these four days or would it kill me?
In case you are wondering how awake I am, I am reading about contact lens jewelry and dirds (dog birds).
Remember how you told me about how we don’t know why we sleep? I figured out the answer. It’s so we don’t have to read about contact lens jewelry and dirds at 3am. Go ahead and do a study on it if you like. If you get published, I want my name first.”
So yes, she gets these emails from me occasionally. And the emails usually have a medical question – in this case it was about some sleeping meds. But that’s never what the emails are about. I know I’m reaching out, wanting her to know I’m struggling, but I’m ok. I just need a little extra support… her specific doctor support. Feeling bad can be scary at times. I try to write these emails in a way that will make her laugh. Though I’m sure she’s probably had a few WTF moments as well. 
I got an email from BoeTech yesterday. They’re the couple that 3D printed the neuron cookie cutters. Brittney wanted to let me know she had read my blog post on The Beaux. She thought it was so amusing, because her last name is Boe (I don’t know how I hadn’t picked up on that) and had she had a daughter, she wanted to name her Elle (Elbow). When Caroline came up with el Bow in spanish, I realized it would be Lebeau in french. Lebeau happens to be a family name.
Side note: I Tweeted this the other day:
Anyway, as things interrelate more closely and as connections continue to grow, I have started to feel like I am asking less of others, and that we’re mutually connecting instead. We’re finding joy and bringing joy. I didn’t realize that I had really lost the ability to connect and relate until I started finding it again. 
Anyway, it’s so nice to know that it was my creative idea. My desire to make someone smile that has brought me such joy (and occasional relief). I had searched long and hard for someone to make things better… but it has been an amazing feeling to see how I inadvertently eased my own burden. Step one was the excitement neuron cookie cutters. Step two is the closeness I’ve felt with others through starting this blog. Step three… I’m not quite sure, but I feel like I’m just getting started.
P.S. My mom said she’s going to make some neuron cookies with her cutter and then she’s going to hang the cookie cutter from her Christmas tree. I thought it was such a cute idea. 
Also, there may be a few extra cutters. Let me know if you’re interested in getting your hands on one. 
I also wanted to send some love to my friend Heidi. She blew me away with her GoFundMe campaign. I’m so proud of her.

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