My Nike FuelBand

Posted on December 10, 2013

Over the summer, I invested in a Nike FuelBand. Megan wanted one for her birthday and I thought it would be cool if we both had one. Her mom got one as well. I’ve worn it religiously ever since. When I purchased it, I thought I’d be lucky if I used it as a watch, assuming the fun would wear of quickly. I was wrong. 
The other day I was walking through Trader Joes when I heard a clink clink clink on the escalator. Looking down, I realized my FuelBand was broken. I was heartbroken. You see, my FuelBand has become an essential part of my life. It tells me when I can do more or when I’ve done too much. CIDP is a tricky condition to have, requiring close attention be paid to the status of my body. If I do to much, I harm myself. If I do too little, there’s the chance I may not get back what I’ve lost. That arbitrary 3,000 fuel goal has turned into just the right amount. 
When I called Nike’s customer service line, the first thing Jeff (the customer service agent) asked me was what activities I use my FuelBand for. I’m sure you can imagine I was pretty flattered when he was impressed by my answer. I told him I use my Nike FuelBand to regulate my neurological condition. Since I was under warranty, a new FuelBand is en route and I can continue regulating. In the meantime, I’m left thinking about all of the small ways I have found to adapt to my CIDP. A FuelBand, meant for the athletically inclined, the robust runners, the thrill seekers is quite different for me. It still serves the same motivational purpose. It gets me moving, it keeps me in check… but it does so in a way that may be a bit different than intended.
I’m not the most disciplined person in the world. I have always wanted to adhere to a Paleo diet but know I don’t have the willpower (apparently a Paleo diet can relieve some CIDP symptoms). I’ll also be the first to let you know that I cheat. I mean, I really cheat. But is it really cheating when at the end of the night I’m at 2,900 and I hang my arm off the side of the bed swinging rapidly to hit my goal? Or is it actually motivating me to do that last push before the deadline of my 9pm bedtime? 
My FuelBand isn’t the only thing that keeps me going. I started this blog, boosting my spirits along the way. I find small projects, run small errands, make appointments. My life is fuller and my FuelBand has been there every step of the way. I love being able to see my progress, because that’s what it’s all about, right? Progress. 

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