Slow Liz’s 2014 Slow Cooker Challenge

Posted on December 31, 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve. What does that mean? It means time for New Years Resolutions. I can’t top last year’s resolution of finding ways to struggle less, because I’m content right now and that’s been no small feat. But what I can do is continue to find ways to push myself in a positive direction. So this New Year’s Resolution will be… drumroll please (I shouldn’t have written the drumroll, you can just look at the title of this post) (but if you didn’t) it’s Slow Liz’s 2014 Slow Cooker Challenge. I’m going to cook 52 times this year! 

Ok, I know. 52 times isn’t a lot. I couldn’t live off of 52 meals. Megan probably cooks 300 times in a year. But Megan doesn’t have a crazy neurological/autoimmune condition that requires a purple cane and lots of rest and special loving care. Megan also isn’t clumsy like me (I started out clumsy and CIDP made me clumsier) (there will probably be burn and blood photos at some point). So these 52 times where I stick stuff in the crockpot and let the magic happen will be epic and blog-worthy (I hope). Here is what each of these 52 meals will consist of: 

– A trip to the grocery store
– Prep
– Sticking food in the Crock Pot
– Getting food out of the Crock Pot
– Eating (or pushing food around the plate)
– Dishes (unless I act really pathetic, then hopefully Megan will do them)
– Blogging about how exhausting the whole process was


Now that you know the basics, I feel that I should lower your expectations a bit (as if they weren’t already at rock bottom). I know that some people can work their way through entire cookbooks. Lots of others have amazing technique. Even more people can invent their own recipes. I will do none of those things. I do have some wonderful techniques that I will share with you guys. For example I can dice meat using kitchen shears and tongs (because I won’t touch it).

I also won’t alter the recipes in any way, because for me cooking is like baking. If I don’t do it by the book (or website) it won’t turn out. If the recipe fails, don’t blame the recipe, blame me. I will include a link to each recipe I select, but I won’t write the recipe out. You wouldn’t want me to.

So here are my rules:

– NO PORK – You can blame my dad for this.
– I won’t touch meat (but I’ll eat it) – You can blame my mom for this.
– I will do my own grocery shopping (that’s part of the point of this challenge)
– If it’s gross, you’ll know. I’m not allowed to use instagram filters.
– Megan is allowed to help with finishing touches but no prep.
– Megan will be given the opportunity to review each recipe so I can’t lie and say the glob in the photo is delicious.
– I’ll try to be healthy, at times using Paleo recipes.
– I’m allowed to call Megan’s mom, my mom, or Megan for help.

I currently have a few recipes in mind, but I will gladly accept recommendations. Challenge no. 1 will be Pot Roast. I’m going to buy a slab of meat. Stick some carrots, onions and potato in there. And then I will go watch TV. Wish me luck. Megan’s busy, so I hope this relieves some of her burden. There’s a chance it might add to it, so wish her luck too.

Update: I started a Facebook page for my blog. If you would like to receive updates, please feel free to like it :).

Another Update: As of last night I have a second New Years resolution. I am going to see my first Monster Truck Rally this year! Want to join? 

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