Posted on January 5, 2014

I came home from the holidays and found an unexpected box waiting for me. Upon opening it, I found a brand new Nike FuelBand and a thoughtful letter that said the following: 

“We often repeat the words of one of our cofounders – If you have a body, you’re an athlete. I am extremely proud to have the privilege of working on a product with a team… that serves athletes like yourself everyday.” 


I am very touched on many levels. I had initially written a Fuelband blog post because I was feeling reflective and empowered. I also thought it would be really wonderful if I could connect with or even motivate a fellow CIDP’er or two (I’m always looking for new-to-me ways to stay motivated myself). I am so glad to know that this item is intended to be versatile, that Nike really does intend for it to adapt to the person who is wearing it.

But I suppose what stands out to me most is that I am athletic. Always have been. Well clumsy and athletic. Ok, ok… more clumsy than athletic. But I’m now wondering if the thing that makes you an athlete isn’t how you compare to others, but what you can get your body to do given what your body has to give.

So on this icy cold day, I bundled up, grabbed my cane, went out and hit my goal.


Thank you Jeff, Kristen and Nike

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