Robyn’s Award Winning Vegan Chili

Posted on January 8, 2014

It is week 2 of Slow Liz’s 2014 Slow Cooker Challenge!

For this week’s challenge, I made my friend Robyn’s Award Winning Vegan Chili. And yes, this award winning dish came with a prize…

Check out her glitter trophy!


Was it Paleo or Non-Paleo: With 3 cans of beans and a package of soy meat, this Chili is most definitely not Paleo. Since cavemen didn’t boil water, caveman didn’t eat legumes (I just learned that legumes and beans are the same thing).

1 large onion (chopped) 
1 large bell pepper (chopped) 
1 – 2 packages vegan ground “beef” (Boca, Gardein, Light Life, Trader Joe’s brand, etc.) 
1 large jar chunky garden style spaghetti sauce 
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes 
1 15 oz can rotel (diced tomatoes with green chilis) 
1 15 oz can kidney beans 
2 15 oz cans black beans 
1 TBSP ground cumin (or more to taste) 
1 TBSP chili powder 
1/4 tsp white pepper 
2 tsp garlic powder 
salt to taste

Drain and rinse the beans and add to the crock pot. Add everything else to the pot as and adjust the seasonings to your taste (I may or may not refer to this process as ’The Big Dump’). Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours.

That’s It! And I’m so glad that’s it, because I am weak today. And it’s cold out!


I knew this recipe was going to be a hit until I discovered the third ingredient… vegan ground “beef” (VG”B”). And I panicked. PANICKED. There was no way I was going to toss some fake beef into a perfectly good pot of chili. So I got a genius idea: 

I was going to make a recipe called “Robyn’s Award Winning Vegan Chili with Ground Beef”. It was going to be so hilarious. I was going to make a Vegan dish and I was going to put meat in it. And everyone who read about my antics would laugh and laugh. And then I told Megan about my hilarious idea and she said “You’re an asshole!” And she was right. 

You see, my friend Robyn works for an organization that protects farm animals from cruelty. They hope to inspire change by promoting compassionate vegan living. So had I made her Award Winning Vegan Chili with beef in it, I would have regretted it. I would have mocked the good work my sweet friend is doing. 


Robyn provided four options of VG”B” to use, but both of the stores I checked were freshly out, so I bought Yves Veggie Cuisine since it was the only one I could find. Plus the packaging was pretty adorable, though the adorableness did decrease exponentially when I removed the cardboard.

’The Big Dump’ was very straightforward, I chopped two veggies. Rinsed some beans. And added everything to the crockpot. To be totally honest, I had to drag myself out of bed to do this, but I was determined. ‘Roid withdrawals ain’t no joke. But the payoff? A crockpot full of chili warming my home on a frigid winter day. It’s been so cozy!


And the results? The chili was award winning, the VG”B” was delicious and hearty.


Thanks Robyn 🙂


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