Posted on January 9, 2014

… to the Mayo Clinic. T-minus two weeks until I get poked, prodded, and who knows what to within an inch of my sanity. And I can’t wait!


So you may be wondering why I’m flying from NYC to Minnesota in the middle of winter when I seem to have a diagnosis. And the truth is autoimmune diseases are tricky. Add in some neuromuscular components and it seems we have a mess on our hands. In the scheme of things, very little is known about the human body… most notably my human body (because this blog is about me, Me, ME). Imagining all of the things that we may learn in my lifetime is very exciting in theory. But the reality is exhausting. I want treatment and I want it now!

I scheduled an appointment with SuperNeuro to prep for the Mayo. I’m so glad I did this because I am still a bit skiddish of Neurologists after CIDPocalypse. Her wonderful nerdy excitement is palpitating. After speaking with her, I now see my future as a bit of a crossroads and regardless of which way I go, I will make the very best of it. I just need the Mayo to tell me if I’m heading left or right.

(Before I explain what Left and Right are, I want to tell you about the photo I had hoped to include on this post. I wanted to Photoshop a Mayonnaise jar, changing ‘Mayonnaise’ to ‘Mayo Clinic’. There’s no logic to the photo, I just think it would be really funny.)

The Mayo Clinic has lots of random tests and research studies that aren’t available elsewhere. There’s a possibility we could learn a small nugget of information. If this were to happen, there may be reason to continue digging. Digging could lead to better treatment options. Better treatment options could lead to a stronger, less symptomatic Liz. 

We may not learn anything more. I believe this would only be temporary. SuperNeuro and I have discussed the good that comes with seeing many top docs. They will be familiar with my case and when something new is discovered, the door will be open. With this route, I will stop pushing for answers, lay off the tests and I will live a wonderful life filled with creative solutions. We all have limitations… but only I can have a purple cane! 

I don’t need the Mayo clinic to tell me I can have a life. I will have a life. A great life. I just need the Mayo clinic to point me in the right direction. So now that you know where SuperNeuro and I stand, I should take a moment to let you know where wifey stands:

[Conversation 1]
Megan: “According to Trip Advisor, the number one thing to do in Rochester, MN is go to the Mayo Clinic.”
Liz: “What’s number 2?”
Megan: “A park, but we’re not going in the middle of winter. In the activity section there is a review for a brewery, but the only review says ‘worst beer I’ve ever had’. 


Liz: What about the mall?
Megan: It’s not considered an attraction. But the Mall of America is an hour and 16 minutes away.
Liz: Is the Mall of America like that one in DC where there’s no shopping and water fountains?
Megan: [glare]

[Conversation 2]
Megan: The high temperature in Rochester is going to be Negative 12 tomorrow.
Liz: [glare]

[Conversation 3]
Megan: We’re not going to The Canadian Honker.
Liz: What’s a Canadian Honker?
Megan: It’s a restaurant.
Liz: Oh, ok.
Megan: There’s a Chipotle!
[5 minutes pass]
Megan: There’s a Mexican restaurant that serves all of its food on styrofoam plates. It bills itself as the most authentic Mexican food in Rochester.
[2 minutes pass]
Megan: Did you hear the part about the styrofoam plates?
(Side Note: I have a feeling I’m going to love this place)

… ready or not, here I come


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