Posted on January 10, 2014

I asked my fellow CIDP’ers what their Mayo Clinic experiences have been like. I fear I may need to cancel my trip after reading BJ’s account:

BJ: The town of Rochester is mind-numbingly dull and there’s not much to do (especially if you’re carrying around your gallon specimen-collection jug)… 


TGWTPC: What is this specimen jug you speak of? Sounds horrifying! 

BJ: While I was at the Mayo, they collected every drop of urine that I produced over about three days. I’ll spare you the details, but as you can imagine, I ended up carrying a very large jug.

TGWTPC: I’m NOT doing a specimen jug! No way no way no way! Was it clear?

BJ: It was big and orange and practically everyone is carrying one. I kept mine in the car when I went out in the evenings, but I saw plenty of people who just brazened it out. There’s no dignity in being sick, I’m afraid.

TGWTPC: I think I need to cancel this trip.


I just Googled “Mayo Clinic orange specimen jug” and it’s REAL! It’s a monster. I’m gagging.

I wonder what would happen if I interviewed local Rochesterians about these orange jugs… there must be stories.

UPDATE: I contacted the Post Bulletin in Rochester, MN. This is what I wrote (I will update again when they respond).

Hi Post Bulletin,

I will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic in a few weeks and just discovered something I need a little assistance with. I just learned about the Orange Jugs the Mayo doles out to its patients.
I was hoping you could let me know if you have ever written about these orange jugs, if you have any advice on how best to tote them or if you have ever interviewed locals on their views of said jugs.
If you have any pertinent information, will you please let me know? I would love the inside scoop!
All my best,

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