Poutine for my Canadian Medical Professional

Posted on January 15, 2014

Welcome to week 3 of Slow Liz’s 2014 Slow Cooker Challenge!

Recipe: The Stay at Home Chef – Kalbi Beef Poutine
Paleo or Non-Paleo: I’m about ready to give up on this whole Paleo thing. French Fries are not Paleo. Obviously something to do with them being deep fried potatoes.


Canadian Medical Professionals are the best! If I have a list of specialists to choose from, I will undoubtedly select the doctor with the Saskatchewan or Manitoban background over the doc with the Harvard or Stanford education. Why? Well because of one of my wonderful doctors… I’ll call her SuperCanadianDoc. This doc from the north has been a source of frequent support and sanity since I first started having symptoms. Actually, now that I think about it, she was the person who introduced me to the word ‘neuropathy’. I don’t really feel like thanking her for that one though…

She could have gone to Harvard or Stanford (I actually don’t know where she went). But she once told me she was from Canada, so now I attribute that fact alone to the care and support I have received from her.

So this week’s slow cooker meal will be made in homage to every medical professional who has ever treated me who may have been born a bit north of here, but mostly to just one. To SuperCanadianDoc, this Poutine’s for you. I hope you like the photos, sorry I didn’t make you any.

So down to the nitty gritty: 
Prep for this recipe was super easy. I seared the short ribs and added everything into the crockpot. I borrowed some soy sauce from my neighbor because Wifey didn’t steal enough packets from Whole Foods. This leads me to my tip of the week:

Tip of the Week: When cooking with packets of condiments, make sure to steal enough of them.

Of course Hanky cowered in the furthest corner of the bedroom when I seared the meat. I still haven’t figured out why he is so scared of meat on the stove. Is it the smoke? The sizzle? Regardless, he’s terrified and it’s so cute!


I had an appointment on the UWS that went a bit awry today. My goal was to go to a doc and pick up some cheese curds. That’s when my respiratory issues reared their ugly head and I ended up visiting a different doctor instead. After some Benadryl and a prescription for a Respiratory Therapist, I found myself at home, asleep, lacking in cheese curds. So Wifey picked up some string cheese and we diced those instead.


The meal was muy tasty. I think. Wifey didn’t like the fries we picked out. I couldn’t really taste them (my taste buds have been weirdly out of commission). But the things I could taste (mainly the borrowed soy sauce) were delicious! And I think Hanky would agree!


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