Mayo Day One – A Summary and a Migraine

Posted on January 22, 2014

Right after my introductory Mayo appointment today, I told Wifey that I felt like the Neurologist seemed skeptical of me. Wifey said she didn’t pick up on that at all, that the Neuro seemed perplexed… just like the rest of us. And so goes my typical new doctor panic attack. This is the anxiety-inducing,-woe-is-me,-get-me-out-of-here,-but-I-kinda-sorta-want-to-stay fear that grips me whenever I find myself in a new Neurologist’s office. 

As a patient, I continue to put all my hopes and fears onto the shoulders of these professionals. Close to home or far as hell away… it don’t matta. They have never met me or my special brand of baggage (and no, I’m not talking about my purple Samsonite suitcase). They’re new to me too… their baggage also a bit abnormal. I mean check out her hazardous materials container… creepy!


I’m also curious about my drive to know why (oh why oh why…). And my wish for things to get easier. And I wonder if I’m just a greedy mother f… Perhaps I’m asking too much and adapting too little. Or perhaps the chance to focus on these symptoms for a long week or two is a welcome distraction from actually having to live with them. 

But just like any other day, funny shit happened. I laughed real hard and had moments of complete stupidity. I drank waffle batter thinking it was a malted breakfast smoothie. I admired a beautiful old theater (I’ll admit I would not have discovered it were it not remodeled into 2-story Barnes and Noble, perfect for killing time in). 


I tested out some lovely new tartan plaid canes in the gift shop (Is it strange that I looked for Mayo Clinic postcards to send?)


Don’t worry SabiNothing Compares!

Anyway, check out how insane my schedule is over the next 72 hours:

6:40 am Blood
7:30 am EMG
10:00 am Autonomic Testing
11:45 am The dreaded Pee Jug
12:15 pm Chest X-Ray
3:45 pm Physician Consult

7:45 am Occupational Therapy
9:30 am Pulmonary Function Tests
10:45 Physical Therapy
12:45 Nurse Consult

7:45 am Swallow Evaluation
8:45 am Esophagus X-Ray
TBD Neuro-Opthalmologus Consult
TBD Neurologist Consult

And with that… I have a migraine. Goodnight Moon!

What Others Are Saying

  1. Carrie February 28, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    I love that you blogged your Mayo trip, I think I’ll end up doing the swallow study as well, if not there then here with my digestive doc. Totally relate to the woe-is-me, get-me-outta-here, but-I-kinda-want-to-stay mind set!!
    Carrie (Just Mildly Medicated)

    • February 28, 2014 at 8:26 pm

      The Mayo is such a strange place. I hope you spend a little time blogging about your experience. It would be so nice to compare experiences with someone.

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