Mayo Day 3 – Food Poisoning and Barium

Posted on January 24, 2014

The past 18 hours have been rough. At 1 am I woke up with the worst food poisoning of my life. Worse than the time when we got wasted in Mexico and ate Street Vendor Hamburguesas. This time though, I have no clue what caused it especially since Wifey and I ate the same exact things. 

I had a 7 am Occupational Therapy appointment that I canceled because I was delirious. I then had a 9:30 am Pulmonary test that I canceled because I was scared I would barf into the breathing tubes. Then I canceled everything else for the entire day. 

Noon rolled around and after a few saltines and water, I started improving. So I called and asked to reschedule one of my appointments. I’m very scared of the prospect of losing momentum AND I’m ready to go home. I was open to rescheduling anything, so long as it wasn’t Physical or Occupational Therapy. So they fit me in for the Swallow Evaluation. 

Here’s the thing… it wasn’t just a Swallow Evaluation. It was a Swallow Evaluation and an Upper GI. This meant barium, crystals that expand your stomach, and more barium (I had a barium shake, a barium Lorna Doone sandwich, barium and applesauce, another barium shake and a barium pill). I would have much preferred a slice of bread or a cup of broth. Not this: 


The Mayo Clinic is so amazing in terms of their scheduling capabilities. Obviously they’re amazing at other things too, but their jam packed schedules have blown my mind. They know how long a test will take, and they’ll give you just enough time to get to the next test. This goes on from open to close. And it’s exhausting. But I had so much momentum before the food poisoning hit that I felt there was a possibility I could head home with Wifey this weekend. Unfortunately that won’t happen. But it boggles my mind to think they could have fit 6 months worth of tests into 4 days.

As a result of my change in scheduling I will now be meeting the Neurologist without Wifey by my side (she goes home on Saturday). And that’s the hardest part for me. I’m utterly convinced that I need to be protected, that I need help in preventing CIDPocalypse from happening again. But maybe it will go well…and maybe I’ll get what I came here for. And no, I’m not talking about food poisoning.

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