RulerCane and the Epic Snow Storm

Posted on February 13, 2014

RulerCane finally got to see some action… We rushed out first thing this morning!


RulerCane measured the snowfall at 7 inches. 


I will be providing updates every few hours until I stop providing updates. 


Do you want your very own RulerCane? Here’s how:
– Grab yo’ cane.
– Find a hotel sewing kit.
– Get the paper measuring tape out of the kit.
– Tape it to your cane.

Update: RulerCane has now officially recorded 10 Inches (11:30 am).


… and Hanky is hibernating.


Update #2: RulerCane discovers the backyard is flooding.

There is a thick layer of ice over the drain. When the rain started to fall, the snow turned to slush. It’s threatening to make way into the apartment at this moment. Perfect time to stop and blog.


I tried pounding the ice with RulerCane and a shovel. Those didn’t work, so I pulled out the hammer.


I will be going out momentarily (using RulerCane) to measure whether or not the ice cold liquid slush is draining. If it’s not draining, things could get dramatic.

Update #3: I was able to hammer through the ice. But I also hammered through my pinkie finger. So there will be no more updates today.

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