Marcella Hazan’s Broccoli and Potato Soup

Posted on March 15, 2014

And the Pinterest Mystery of the Mason Jar

by Liz Jackson

Welcome to the eleventh installment of Slow Liz’s 2014 Slow Cooker Challenge!

Recipe: Food 52’s thirschfield – Marcella’s Broccoli and Potato Soup

photo 3 (1)Before I get to today’s recipe, I have a burning question. Is it just me or have Mason Jars taken over Pinterest?!? There are Mason Jar burritos, Mason Jar corn dogs, Mason Jar baby bottles. My friend Caroline even made her very own Mason Jar art installation:

Caroline Mason Jar Art So I decided to integrate them into the compilation of today’s recipe in hopes of better understanding their popularity.

I first put the broccoli florets and yukon gold potatoes in a pair of nearly matching Mason Jars. I then put the Mason Jars on a cake stand and put the cake stand atop a vintage wood box, surrounding them with some bourbon, an empty bottle, and the bathroom soap dispenser.

Mason Jar Broccoli Potato SoupAnd while it looked pretty, it didn’t seem to change the broccoli or potatoes in any profound way. So I decided to make the Mason Jar into transportation vessel for the chicken stock. I poured the chicken stock from the container into a Mason Jar. And from there poured the broth from the Mason Jar into the crock pot.

Mason Jar Chicken Stock Vessel Again, I was left with nothing but more dishes. And while it’s very likely the Mason Jar added some of that special something to today’s recipe, I couldn’t tell you why or how.

The recipe was delicious. I mean it was mushy too, but the flavors were spot on. I am realizing I have no idea how to convert a stove-top recipe to a crock-pot recipe. I felt like I was eating baby food. I think I may blend the leftovers, package them in some Mason Jars, and gift them to friends with babies.

So if you decide to make this recipe, don’t use a crock pot. But do use Mason Jars. I’m not sure why this is the case. If you happen to know, please let me know!

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