ATLAH’s Homophobic Sign is Spreading Love in Harlem

Posted on March 18, 2014

Here's How You Can Help!

by Liz Jackson

You may live in Harlem. You may not. But were you ever to find your way to my hood, you would probably find yourself shocked by the sign at ATLAH World Ministry Church. Regardless of what the sign says, the intention is to shock and hate. ATLAH’s sign happens to be pretty deep on the homophobic spectrum these days:

ATLAH Homophobic Sign Since 2008, every sign has referenced Obama.

ATLAH Sign A few years back, Ann Coulter even went out of her way praise ATLAH… even after Pastor James David Manning dissed her hair. Is it ironic that she spreads fear about those who praise Allah, but she openly praises ATLAH?

ATLAH Ann Coulter Tweet

Lest we forget that Sarah Palin favorited that Tweet.

So last night, when I happened upon an exciting Tweet, I couldn’t resist sharing:
Stacy Parker LeMelle Tweet Someone’s finally doing something and you can help! If you are interested in spreading a little love today, please consider donating a few bucks to the Ali Forney Center in response to ATLAH’s hateful messages. The Ali Forney Center provides housing for homeless LGBT youth. Harlem Shake, our new burger joint has already hopped on the bandwagon.

Perhaps you might even consider sending a Tweet of support to Stacy Parker LeMelle. Her kind thoughtfulness struck a cord with me and maybe it will strike a cord with you too.

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