#YesJCrewCane: Would Selling Canes Hurt J. Crew’s Brand?

Posted on April 2, 2014

Plus Other Inclusive #YesJCrewCane Apparel

Dear J. Crew,

Check out this project on permanent collection at the MOMA. It’s called the Accessible Icon Project and it is succeeding in lessening stigma through simple design. Imagine pulling into a handicapped parking spot and seeing this (prepare to feel delighted):

Yes J. Crew Cane Accessible Icon ProjectNow imagine what could happen if you sold a cane to one of your distinguished customers. Someone who was too ashamed to use one otherwise. You’d be easing stigma by carrying simple and elegant design. You have the potential to tell that customer he or she is beautiful just the way they are. You could do this simply by being exactly who you are. Delightful, eh?

Remember the glasses socks from my first letter? I’m still thinking about them. Were you to proceed in selling this beautiful Sabi cane, you might consider coordinating apparel. I took the liberty to draw a couple concepts up for you. Please don’t let my horrendous renderings get in the way of my vision. Computer drawing is hard.

Yes We Cane – Baseball Tee

Yes J. Crew Cane Baseball Tee

J. Crew clearly loves baseball season. So here’s your very own “Yes We Cane” baseball tee. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. That jersey number is not a one or a seven, it’s jersey number cane.

Side Note: If your eyes were deceiving you, you may want to check out a pair of these lovely J. Crew frames.

Oui Nous Canne – Block Letter Tee

J. Crew Oui Nous Canne Shirt

The second shirt is influenced by those French Tees you’ve been selling. Thanks Google Translate. Yes We Cane = Oui Nous Canne.

Yes We Cane – Purple Cane Socks

J. Crew Cane Socks

Hi Corgi. Nice to meet you. Care to sign the #YesJCrewCane petition?

I hope you will spend a few moments thinking about ‘Yes We Cane’. Every signature on this petition is an individual promising they will shop at J. Crew, even if (or especially because) you happen to sell some canes.

I’m actually heading out to J. Crew at Columbus Circle. Your new Foundry Shorts made my heart skip a beat.


Liz Jackson

P.S. To show some support or a little bit’o love, please sign the #YesJCrewCane Petition (My Neurologist signed it yesterday, and I have proof!)

SuperNeuro YesJ. Crew Cane petition

P.P.S. This is where you should click if you want to learn more about #YesJCrewCane

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