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Posted on August 4, 2014

My friend David tipped me off on a really cool app when he posted a map of his run. It was in the shape of a star.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.02.26 AM

David is all sorts of incredible. He has lost 160 pounds and has kept the weight off since he started his journey in 2010. His motivation and creativity are palpable.

So I couldn’t wait to copy his genius idea. The photo up top (in case you haven’t already figured it out) is a 10 mile bike ride in the shape of my cane that I did this morning throughout Harlem and Central Park. It was fun, I am pooped. I highly recommend you download RunKeeper and draw yourself a workout picture. I would also love if you sent your art my way!

Nap Time.

Also, here’s the link to David’s blog, Keep It Up David.

And there’s always this lil’ background on me, my cane, and my bike.

And I can’t write a post without asking. Will you sign YesJCrewCane?

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  1. David Garcia (Keep It Up, David) August 4, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    WOOHOO! An awesome map and an awesome ride! I’d be ready for a nap, too.

    Wanted to share a few more links… check out this post, where I spelled my name in a Macy’s parking lot:
    Shortly after that, I went for the Gold and tried to spell “Keep It Up, David” – but that kinda fell apart on me:
    Lesson of the day: spelling is hard!

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