I Am A Finalist for Miss Harlem Shake 2014

Posted on August 10, 2014

UPDATE: There will be a Fund/VoteRaiser Happy Hour this Wednesday, August 20th at Harlem Shake. The ‘Harlem Shakes Up ATLAH’ Happy Hour will be a casual gathering from 6:30 to 8:30pm. If you live in or near NYC, please feel free to stop by 124th and Lenox to drink, donate, eat & vote. All funds raised will go to the Ali Forney Center, a local organization that provides housing for homeless LGBT youth. There will be a raffle with prizes from Harlem Yoga Studio, a Yankees basket donated by Harlem RBI, and a few other businesses that exemplify “Harlem Love”.

Harlem Shake will be donating a portion of food sales from the event to The Ali Forney Center, so bring your appetite!

Raffle tickets will be priced at 1 for $3 2 for $5 and 5 for $10. Proceeds will be donated in protest of the hateful and homophobic message of ATLAH Worldwide Ministries. Your vote will (I hope) go to me. I’m currently about 60 votes down in 6th place and need to get to 5th place to move onto the next round. Thank you for your continued support!!!

If you can’t make it to ‘Harlem Shakes Up ATLAH’ but would still like to support the Ali Forney Center, please consider routing your donation through Harlem Against Homophobia & Violence. All money raised goes straight to the Ali Forney Center, but you are assured your donation is made in protest of ATLAH World Ministries.

Don’t forget to download your very own ‘Make Your Own ATLAH Sign‘!!

And one last thing… There’s an ATLAH change.org petition! Sign?

Now here’s the original post:

Miss Subway was a contest that ran in New York City from 1941 to 1976. The contestants were displayed on advertising placards throughout the NYC subway system. Miss Subway was progressive, electing their first black Miss Subway in 1947… 36 years before the first black Miss America.

NYC_Transit_Museum_Miss_Subways In 2004, Journalist Melanie Bush opined: “…posters were also covertly feminist, sometimes shockingly so. From the first (‘Mona Freeman, wants to be a top notch freelance illustrator’) to the last (‘Heidi Hafner … Her goal: a flight instructor’s rating’), they focused on women’s ambitions…”

Before Harlem Shake opened, the owner knew she was going to hold a “Miss Harlem Shake” competition as a throwback to the Miss Subway era. I am thrilled to be one of the 10 finalists. Miss Harlem Shake is a strong, intelligent and thoughtful Harlem resident. The contest gives contestants an opportunity to give back to a local organization of their choice (mine being Harlem RBI due to my love of baseball, education, and my partner).

My friends and family obviously were a bit surprised to find me in contention for what may seemingly be a beauty pageant or popularity contest. But I do have my reasons and I want to let anyone who may consider voting know what those reasons are.

Harlem Shake sits caddy corner to ATLAH World Ministries. ATLAH preaches hate and intolerance to the residents of Harlem. Their sign often screams homophobic language and I have to walk past it every time I leave my home. It would be an honor to be an out and proud Miss Harlem Shake smiling down on a church that tries to spread hate throughout my beautiful neighborhood.

atlah I am also running because I don’t believe my cane should preclude me from being anything I want to be. And I want to be Miss Harlem Shake. I want to embody Yes J. Crew Cane. I want to be a badass NYC bicycle commuter.

Purple Cane Mamma Jackson joked I should polish my tiara. But it is my hope that were I to win Miss Harlem Shake 2014, they would find me an amazing baseball cap substitution!

If you find yourself at the corner of 124th and Lenox, I hope you will pop in to Harlem Shake, buy a burger and vote for me. Or if you find one of the other amazing women more qualified for Miss Harlem Shake, I would kindly ask you to support my ableism endeavors by signing #YesJCrewCane.

So I am wishing myself and my fellow contestants good luck.  The lead in photo is of my fellow contestant Danielle Simmons (an aspiring Broadway artist). Each one of us embody the qualities of your typical Harlem resident and I am so glad we have the opportunity to represent our neighborhood. Cheers.

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  1. Clare Auchterlonie August 11, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    Liz you rule. If I had the money i’d get on a plane and fly to NYC just to vote for you. So proud

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