J. Crew, You’re Invited… TO HARLEM!!!

Posted on August 18, 2014

Dear J. Crew,

You and everyone who has ever signed #YesJCrewCane are cordially invited to “Harlem Shakes Up ATLAH”. It’s an event I’m throwing. Warning: I have never thrown an event before. But it’s a Happy Hour. It’s on Wednesday. And it’s in Harlem. And proceeds go to the Ali Forney Center, a local resource for homeless LGBT youth.

Why would I be throwing an event called “Harlem Shakes Up ATLAH”? Well it’s simple. And complicated. But here’s the jist:

I live around the corner from a church called “ATLAH Worldwide Ministries”. And they have a sign. A big red sign that preaches homophobia and intolerance to my beautiful neighborhood. Every time I go somewhere, I have to walk past it. Sometimes it’s funny (in that I’m laughing at them, not with them). But mostly it’s not.

atlah Anyway, sitting caddy corner to ATLAH is the local burger joint. It’s called Harlem Shake. Harlem Shake is holding a contest to find “Miss Harlem Shake 2014” and surprisingly I am one of the finalists. You see, I am running in protest of ATLAH’s hateful sign. I think it would be so amazing to have an out and proud Harlem resident smiling down on ATLAH’s intolerance. And yes, I would be smiling. Smiling is one of my favorite things. It’s up there with pancakes, family time with Hanky, and obviously my (mostly) one sided correspondences with you… J. Crew.

This is what family time with Hanky looks like:

family time with Hanky

So the event will be a casual Happy Hour on Wednesday at Harlem Shake (124th and Lenox) from 6:30 to 9pm. I took the liberty to map the route for you:

J. Crew to Harlem Shake Map A portion of food sales will go to the Ali Forney Center. On top of that, there will be a raffle, with prizes from local businesses who exemplify “Harlem Love”. You will also have an opportunity to “Make Your Own ATLAH Sign” with messages of Harlem Love. But I suppose you could write messages of J. Crew love, since we all know you are an outstanding example of inclusion and tolerance (I think that sounded sarcastic, but I’m dead serious) (I just am so excited for you to become more inclusive and tolerant).

So please surprise me. Please show up. I’m sure I’d make you smile. And I’d probably also make you give some money to the Ali Forney Center. Cheers.


P.S. I’ll be wearing your new ‘Vote For Love’ shirt.

J. Crew Vote For Love Shirt

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