#HarlemLove Guerrilla Warfare

Posted on August 21, 2014

Update: Check out #Harlem Love in the New York Daily News!

Here are a few of MANY #HarlemLove Guerrilla Warfare photos. More will be added in the days and weeks ahead. Please feel free to submit your own by using the #HarlemLove hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

You can download your very own #HarlemLove ATLAH sign here

Love for one another #HarlemLove#HarlemLove subway

HarlemLove Love:

#HarlemLove is This Car

#HarlemLove Showtime at the apollo

#HarlemLove God is GayYou Are All Homo (Sapiens) by Daphne Barber:

You Are All Homo (Sapiens)

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