My Neurologist’s Thought’s on Grey’s Anatomy – Episode 3

Posted on October 16, 2014

It’s that time again! My newfound favorite moment of the week. Allow me to present to you ‘My Neurologist’s Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy – Episode 3’. I honestly can’t figure out if it is more fun asking questions or reading SuperNeuro’s answers.

This was the synopsis I sent to SuperNeuro:

I was sort of distracted watching Episode 3, so you could answer these without knowing what happened. I do want to mention that there is an interesting story line featuring a Wounded Warrior who requires some nerve regeneration for a robot leg. I think it would be so interesting if the Wounded Warrior had CIDP (or even crazier, an Idiopathic Neuropathy). He could become a recurring character, since (as I have learned) those nerves will take eons to do anything even remotely plot worthy. I’d just love to get to know a Wounded Warrior character.

Wounded Warrior

Without further ado, here are my Neurologist’s thought’s on Grey’s Anatomy:

Question: Meredith says that a person is at their most vulnerable when they’re on an operating table. I have often felt that it’s more difficult to be awake around doctors than to be asleep around them. Do you prefer when your patients are awake or asleep?

SuperNeuro: Generally awake. But each has pluses and minuses.

Question: Bailey took a duck face selfie with a patient who had a tree trunk lodged in his abdomen. If I came in with a tree trunk lodged in my abdomen, how would you pose for your selfie?

SuperNeuro: With a look of concern.

Question: They mention Maggie Pierce’s birthday which is November 22, 1983. This makes her 31. Do you find her age to be on par with other Heads of Cardiothoracic Surgery?

SuperNeuro: Not really.

Amelia Shepherd

Question: Furthermore, Amelia Shepherd, the Chief of Neurosurgery is 32 in real life. Does her age make you feel inadequate since you are older than her but Chief of nothing?

SuperNeuro: YES.

If you have a question for SuperNeuro, do not hesitate to ask. So far I have received questions ranging from “Is SuperNeuro going to start watching Grey’s” to… well that’s still the only question I have received.

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Also here’s the link to her thoughts on the Season Premiere.

I honestly die laughing when I get SuperNeuro’s responses. I can’t figure out if she is trying to be funny or if she’s just being honest. Anyway, thanks SuperNeuro… you’re the best!

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  2. Cat October 17, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Here’s a question for your SuperNeuro, If Shonda Rhimes asked you to be an expert consultant for Grey’s Anatomy, for authenticity, would you say yes?

  3. Elizabeth October 21, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    Really important question after watching last week’s episode… How much clapping ACTUALLY goes on in operating rooms???

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