My Neurologist’s Thought’s on Grey’s Anatomy: 4 + 5

Posted on October 30, 2014

Unfortunately SuperNeuro didn’t have any thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy last week. You see, SuperNeuro had ‘a week’. When I have ‘a week’ it usually means I’m tired, achy or just in a foul mood. Knowing what SuperNeuro’s does for a living, knowing the gravity of my time spent with her and assuming I’m not her only patient, it has become abundantly clear that when she’s having ‘a week’, her ‘week’ is on a totally different playing field.

And perhaps that’s why there’s so much alcohol in Grey’s Anatomy. Because every doctor on that show, no matter their specialty, seems to always be having ‘a week’. Note to self: Ask SuperNeuro about her alcohol consumption.

Grey's Anatomy Callie Drinking That being said, she got back to me today with answers for Episode 4 and Episode 5. I hope this means her week is on the up and up. So here we go, these are My Neurologist’s Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy Episodes 4 & 5!!!

Episode 4 Questions:

Non-Question Question: Maggie Pierce decides to quit her job. She discovered in episode 2 that Richard Webber, former Chief of Surgery is her dad. This is on top of the fact that Meredith Grey is her very unfriendly sister. Things happen. There is talking. There’s even a hug. At the end of the episode it’s safe to assume that Maggie un-quits. This is not a question, but please don’t ever quit.

SuperNeuro Answer: [Radio Silence]

Grey's Anatomy Flatline

Reader Question [Elizabeth]: Roy, a previously assumed to be paralyzed patient is able to wiggle his toes after he wakes from surgery. The entire Operating Room then breaks out in applause. This brings about our first reader question. Elizabeth asks: “How much clapping actually goes on in an operating room?”

SuperNeuro Answer: This happens all the time.

Reader Question [Cat]: This reader question comes from Cat who asks: If Shonda Rhimes asked you to be an expert consultant for Grey’s Anatomy, for authenticity, would you say yes?

SuperNeuro Answer: Who on earth is Shonda Rhimes?


Episode 5 Question (Just one question, I felt like being respectful of her time):

In episode 5, Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Arizona Robbins are struggling with relationship issues. They are on a break, but since they have a child together, they continue to live together. They also work together at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

This leaves me with only one question for you, a reader question. Though in full disclosure this reader is Megan (aka Wifey) who I force to watch Grey’s, proofread questions, read my final post and go through a full range of blogger anxieties and insecurities with me.

Reader/Wifey Question [Megan]: Do you wish you and your significant other worked together?

SuperNeuro Answer: No. Do you? 🙂

Megan Grey's Anatomy QuestionIf you liked this post, here are the links to SuperNeuro’s thoughts on Episode 3, Episode 2 and Episode 1.

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    Hahahahaha. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

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