My Neurologist’s Thought’s on Grey’s Anatomy – Episode 6

Posted on November 13, 2014

I was so sad to discover there was no Grey’s Anatomy last week. But ABC had a good reason. They aired It’s the Great Pumpkin, the Charlie Brown halloween movie. My purple cane and I dressed up as Willy Wonka. It was quite a night. Check out my friend Joe as Mike Teavee and wifey Megan killing it as Violet Beauregarde in the background.

Willy Wonka Costume

This brings me to my first question:

Question: Were you a Slutty Neurologist for Halloween?

SuperNeuro: No. Maybe next year.

Geena Davis plays a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy. A really intense and unfriendly doctor named Dr. Nicole Herman. I definitely prefer Geena Davis in A League of Their Own. But anyway, Dr. Herman is really mean to Dr. Arizona Robbins for a majority of the episode. We find out why at the end of the episode. I’m not into spoilers. So I won’t divulge why.

This is how I explained what Dr. Herman is like to SuperNeuro: Do you remember the time you were doing a skin biopsy on me and we were talking about puppies and cookies?

Skin Biopsy

Imagine instead, the entire time I was telling you that you were doing it wrong and that you don’t care about your job. And imagine that while I was telling you all of this, you weren’t doing the biopsy on me, but on a baby fetus inside of me. That’s Dr. Herman for you.

Question: Is this how you are with your students?


Interjection: All caps doesn’t feel very compassionate.

Question: And what is your favorite Geena Davis movie?

SuperNeuro: Thelma and Louise (she was in that, right??)


Geena Davis Thelma and Louise

I feel like you should know that there is more to Grey’s Anatomy than watching the show. There is this newfound phenomenon that exhausts me. It’s called live tweeting. As people are watching Grey’s, they will tweet to friends, strangers and actors in the show. My brain doesn’t work at the speed that live tweeting requires, so I have written things like this:

A very special reader wrote in and asked if live tweeting can affect our attention span. And I also want to know, can it?

SuperNeuro: All social media, internet, the digital world decreases our attention span.  I’m sure live tweeting falls in that category. We’re doomed.


P.S. This photo cracks me up. I’ve used it before and I hope to use it many more times.

I would like to thank SuperNeuro for her invaluable insights. If you have a question for her, please don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment.

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