A Holiday Guide for Doctor Gifts

Posted on December 3, 2014

As someone with a chronic condition, I have grown close to a few very special doctors. So when it comes to the holiday season, I look forward to finding the perfect gift. One that’s appropriate while sincerely conveying my appreciation and gratitude. Last week I made the very first gift guide for people with disabilities. This week? Gifts for Doctors! 

Archie Grand Therapist and Doctor Notebooks [€13]

Because what Doctor doesn’t need to jot things down?

Shrinks I had and Liked Notebook

Buy Me Brunch Shirt, Not a Real Doctor [$28] 

Because we all deserve a day off.

Buy Me Brunch Not A Real Doctor

Fish’s Eddy Rx Prescription Pad Tray [$15]

Every doctor needs a place to put their Rx pads…

Fishs Eddy Prescription Pad Tray

Osmia Organics Juniper Shea Soap [$12]

Made by a former ER doctor, this soap contains Juniper for a mental detox and Cypress to lift the spirit.

Osmia Organics Juniper Shea Soap


Lithographs Sigmund Freud ‘Dream Psychology’ Tote or Shirt [$29 or $34]

They literally have the entire book printed on them.

 Lithographs Freud Tee Lithographs Freud Tote

BoeTech Human Heart or Brain Cookie Cutter [$9]

Whether you give the cutter or give the cookies, it will probably bring a smile to the face of your Cardiologist or Neurologist!

Boetech Heart BoeTech Brain

Model Citizen Press Thank You Card [$4]

Sometimes all it takes is a sincere thank you. I personally would click the other box and write in ‘my health’.

Thank You Card


And if you’re interested in giving back without giving a penny, I would be so grateful if you checked out my petition. I am an advocate who dreams of inclusive retail experiences. It is my hope that you will feel amused for about 30 seconds until you realize that I have a point… and then you’ll sign.  Thank you for your support! Happy Holidays!

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