Are You Switching Canes? A Reader Question

Posted on December 9, 2014

I recently received a question from a TGwtPC reader and friend, and I wanted to take a moment to answer it here.

Charles asks:

“Are you switching to Top and Derby’s “Chatfield” walnut shafted cane?

I found it displayed on your web pages in some of your photos a while ago; but I am surprised at your showing it more lately, especially after professing support and liking for the Sabi brand.

I have a Sabi myself [Sage Sport] after seeing Sabi links to it on your pages, and I’m very happy with it; I also really, really like the Top and Derby brand Chatfield model, but I don’t have one yet.

I’m just curious what your thinking is for YOU and why.”

Charles, thank you for taking a moment to ask this question. I have been using both my purple Sabi Classic cane as well as the Top and Derby Chatfield. The answer of why is reflected in my beliefs about people with disabilities:

Top and Derby Chatfield

We deserve choice. We deserve to be seen as consumers. We deserve beautiful products. I believe the very best thing for the assistive device market (and for both of these companies) is competition.

Two-thirds of the leading assistive device manufacturers admit that they are not investing any money in the research and development of new, beautiful or innovative products. Falls are the leading cause of death among our elderly population. The likelihood of falling reduces exponentially when a person is outfitted with an appropriate assistive device. The leading cause of device abandonment is stigma. It is my belief that this stigma is actually very deadly.

Sabi Classic Cane

I believe if we can get both the Sabi Classic and the Top and Derby Chatfield into mainstream retailers, this will create a spark, causing existing assistive device manufacturers to reinvest in my community. The disability community. And our numbers are massive. There are a billion of us at any given point in time. 

I own two pairs of eyeglasses. One pair is from SEE, the other was an expensive birthday splurge on a pair of Thom Browne’s are the most expensive thing I own. I wear them interchangeably. I also own two winter coats. A stack of jeans. And countless shoes.

Eyeglass Frames

So if you show me a beautiful cane, one that can be affordably and effectively mass produced, I will find a place for that cane in my life, my home and my walks through NYC. And Charles, if you are interested in the Chatfield, I highly recommend you save up for or splurge on one. There is absolutely no harm in having a second cane. We all like a little choice in our day to day lives. And for those of you who own the Chatfield, I can’t help but ask… have you seen Sabi’s beautiful ‘Classic’ cane

What Others Are Saying

  1. Debra Rossi Jones February 5, 2015 at 5:01 am

    I believe is an absolutely wonderful story of correge for a woman as I. The same as I had spoken up for herself and did what she believed in and fought ..Which opened doors for others in this position to know they do not have to be what others expect of them they ha e the small frights as e eryone. I have great admiration for her. I will do the same trade my cane for a purple. And ..

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