I See The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

Posted on October 28, 2015

I’m just your average migraine prone optimist.

The tint is faint. While not obvious, I do notice the occasional second glance. The effect, on the other hand, is profound. My eyes sing when I put them on, scream when I take them off. I save them for when I need them. My other glasses have clear lenses. But the rose tinted lenses are always with me, and they are my newest weapon in my fight against migraines.

Migraines, the kind I get, are indescribable. The beast sleeps behind my left eye. When the beast comes to life, I am left with auras, blind spots and visual hallucinations. And my god, the pain. I have been known to scream. A sweaty, crying, desperate scream.

Keeping the beast at bay is a never ending game of self regulation. I have completely changed my diet. I no longer eat processed sugar, dairy or gluten. I take supplements in the form of Butterbur, Feverfew, a B-Complex and Magnesium. I sleep and nap. I do yoga. I see a psychologist and neurologist regularly. And now? Now I wear rose colored lenses.

Studies have shown that the rose colored filter FL-41 has both improved light sensitivity and reduced the frequency and severity of associated migraines. While I wasn’t sure what FL-41 looked like, I simply asked my Optometrist during a recent eye exam and was thrilled to find a drawer filled with colored lenses I could wander the store testing out.

I ended up selecting ‘D Rose 1’ on the far left side. It was only $10 bucks more than my clear lenses at See Eyewear. (No, this isn’t a paid post, just want to let you know where you can find such a drawer.)

In doing some research, I have learned that I’m not alone. While color therapy is still fairly obscure, Dwayne Wade wears them. On the court. For the same reason I do.

Bono wears his dark lenses for glaucoma.

and Johnny Depp’s blue lens’ treat his Meares-Irien syndrome.

So if you struggle like I do, I would love to impart this bit of advice. Visit your Optometrist. Bring a roll of scotch tape. Browse their colored lens drawer. Tape the colored lens of your choice to your glasses (or forehead) and browse Medium on your phone (seriously, that black on white is a trigger). You’ll know pretty quickly if the color feels right. And if the color does end up feeling right, don’t second guess it. You won’t regret your new rosier view.

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