How You Can Heed Stevie Wonder’s Advice and Learn Braille Today

Posted on February 16, 2016

“We need to make every single thing accessible to every person with a disability” Stevie Wonder

There are many ways to make the world more accessible. I preach nearly all of them. But tonight I was sitting on my couch, watching the Grammy’s while across from me sat a pile of children’s books. Written in braille.

DK Braille

And I realize this is an opportune moment. Society often asks people with disabilities to conform. But DK has done something truly innovative and I hope you will consider buying these books for yourself. DK is publishing a series of tactile books for all children of all ages, written in braille. They’re beautiful. They’re not paying me to say this, but I am going to anyway, I hope you — fully sighted adult — will purchase this book series for yourself. It’s time for you to inch a little closer to disability and learn to see with your fingers.

DK Braille

Stevie Wonder is right, we do “need to make every single thing accessible to every person with a disability” but we also need to make disability accessible to every person who has not had the opportunity to experience its beauty for themselves.

The world is at your fingertips… and before today you needed to be disabled to experience it. Disability is beautiful. You’ll see.

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  1. Anne Byrnes February 16, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    It had never occurred to me before to buy books in Braille for my grandchildren. I am pretty sure they have no experience with visual impairments. I just ordered two of the DK Braille books from Amazon for my grandson’s birthday. There are many to choose from, the Counting one and several others are available as pre orders for an April 5 release. But I got one about Learning Sign Language that is available now. That is amazing to think about, learning the language for hearing impaired children in the language for vision impaired children. Thank you Liz for helping to make disability accessible to all of us.
    Anne Byrnes, NYC

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