One-Armed Cyclist Fined For Having One Handbrake

… not all ableism bike hacks run as smoothly as we intend.

Take Bogdan Ionescu for instance. He thought, one arm, one brake (he also has a backpedal foot brake). A German cop thought otherwise.

$34 later, he was on his way. Only his breaks were perfectly legal. So after some back and forth he got a refund, but not without having to deal with police officers who enjoyed throwing their weight around. Compassionate Policing this is not. 

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Bikes & Canes & Prosthetic Legs

I recently wrote about The Freedom of My Ride. I am a paradoxical bike riding cane user. And I am so thrilled to tell you that I’m not the only one…  Continue Reading →

The Freedom Of My Ride

I got sick two years ago. Not the kind of sick where you throw up. I got the kind of sick where you can’t move. Literally, I had somehow acquired something called an Idiopathic Neuropathy. I woke up one morning and my ankles, feet and toes were so weak they were paralyzed. As a New Yorker, it was difficult to get around. I splurged on cabs for the first month or so. My clumsiness made the subway seem like a frightening prospect. But I wanted my freedom back and one day took the plunge, riding the 2/3 train to a doctor appointment. The subway ride felt wrong. I was scared I was going to fall. Because of my newfound disability, I saw the subway in a whole new light. Fortunately after a few rides, the feeling dissipated and I stopped taking cabs.

I recently decided to take a break from physical therapy to try yoga. It has been a pleasant surprise to see my progress, to see that I am able to relax in poses I couldn’t originally hold. Using focus, patience and strength, my comfort zone has literally grown. So has the strength of my extremities (though I don’t have EMG proof of this progress yet). And since I have been feeling so strong, I’ve decided it’s time to branch out. I want to ride my bike. Continue Reading →