A Holiday Guide for Doctor Gifts

As someone with a chronic condition, I have grown close to a few very special doctors. So when it comes to the holiday season, I look forward to finding the perfect gift. One that’s appropriate while sincerely conveying my appreciation and gratitude. Last week I made the very first gift guide for people with disabilities. This week? Gifts for Doctors!  Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Guide for People with Disabilities

There are holiday shopping guides for men and women. Catalogs filled with children’s toys. There are tech guides. Lists for the cooks in our lives. Don’t forget the travel and reading and music and sport holiday guides. But there is one holiday guide I have never seen. And I am so thrilled to bring it to you. This is the very first Holiday Gift Guide for People with Disabilities. I believe assistive devices have the potential to be just as covetable as that shiny new bike or a cashmere sweater. I truly hope this list gets a little bit longer next holiday season. Continue Reading →

RunKeeper Workout Art

My friend David tipped me off on a really cool app when he posted a map of his run. It was in the shape of a star. Continue Reading →