15 Days on the Obamacare Marketplace

My Personal Experience Finding Affordable Care Act Insurance in New York State

by Liz Jackson

I have spent the last 15 days navigating New York’s Health Exchange, and it has been quite a learning experience. This process has had a lot of ups and downs. And while I don’t want to admit this, the downs started very quickly. Getting a NYS Government ID turned into a comedy of errors. After a multitude of failed attempts, I eventually had to create an ID under my partner’s email address. I was then able to change the ID to my email address once I had finally succeeded in logging in. The effort it took to get logged in proved worthwhile, as my healthcare is now a lot more affordable.

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The Grapefruit Effect: Have Your Meds and Grapefruit Too

Here's how to have a grapefruit without keeling over dead.

by Liz Jackson

The ‘Grapefruit Effect’ or ‘Grapefruit Juice Effect’ refers to the interaction many medications have when taken within 24-72 hours of grapefruit consumption. After discovering a fruit from Trader Joe’s called a Minneola Tangelo, I was surprised to learn about the chemistry of this hybrid fruit.


The Minneola which is genetically 1/2 grapefruit and 1/2 tangerine does not produce ‘The Grapefruit Effect’. And this fact has absolutely blown my mind. Continue Reading →

Charity Care: The Good, The Bad, and The Stigma

by Liz Jackson

In 2012 when my medical bills started piling in, so did my panic. I did the most conscientious thing possible, and put my bills in binders. Yes, I had binders full of bills. A 3-inch binder. Full. Of. Bills. I was beside myself. I was well insured, though I was off of work on disability. My time was spent trying to increase mobility. It was also spent coping, learning my new body, overthinking every new ache and pain. Bills came daily. When they came, I’d have a panic attack. To ease the anxiety, I would organize the bills. Prioritize them. Jot notes on them. Once I felt that my bills were sufficiently re-organized in exactly the same order they had previously been organized in, I would finally be able to relax.  Continue Reading →

The Wild World of Genetic Testing

by Liz Jackson

A while back, I wrote about a genetic test I was awaiting results on. I was getting tested for a genetic defect called HNPP. HNPP stands for a Hereditary Neuropathy with a Liability to Pressure Palsies and has been linked to many of the neuropathic symptoms I have been struggling with. 

Under the guidance of my Neurologist, I ordered the HNPP/Charcot-Marie-Tooth panel as well as a Celiac panel. The total price? $5,305. To be paid to Athena Diagnostics before my blood draw was even scheduled.


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New Jersey Transit Mirrors Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

This is an update to my original post: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy for Kindergarteners

This photo was published in The Daily News on Monday after the SuperBowl. And it is the perfect example of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Think of each person as a Tau Protein and NJTransit is a Microtubule. Notice how nothing is getting through?

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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy for Kindergarteners

I often hear about CTE and I feel very passionately about it. But I don’t actually understand what it is. Not one bit. Not at all. So I’m going to try something new today, and I’m going to Google it and then explain it so that my kindergarten self could understand. If there is something your kindergarten self would like to understand, give me a topic. I’m taking requests. 


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