Donna Karan’s 7 EASIER Pieces

1985 was a big year for Donna Karan. Her seven easy pieces line changed the fashion industry and empowered the lives of women in the generations since.

I like to think 2015 has been a big year for me. Through my advocacy I have built a model that I call ‘Inclusive Retail’. I believe products made sensitively for impairments will change the fashion industry and empower the lives of people with disabilities for generations to come.

Donna Karan’s ‘Seven Easy Pieces’ line gave millions of women quick and affordable access to an entire wardrobe. To many women, these seven pieces felt like freedom. The items included a pair of tights, a bodysuit, the classic white shirt, a pair of versatile trousers, a cashmere sweater, a tailored jacket and a skirt.

It recently occurred to me that it is possible curate seven easier pieces. And I can’t wait to share with Ms. Karan how, with a little extra consideration, her seven easy pieces can quite literally work for any body. Continue Reading →

The Newly Competitive Wheelchair Jean Market

Retailers will be the first to tell you the jean and denim market is experiencing a steep decline in revenue. The main culprit? Athleisure. Retailers are scrambling, making quick decisions about whether to phase jeans out in favor of a product that contradictorily marries athletic and leisure wear. Some insiders worry an athleisure bubble is forming, that it’s nothing more than a trend. But it is a quick and effective revenue bolster. So what is a retailer to do? Perhaps the answer lies in the disability community.  Continue Reading →