Is Boston Inadvertently Becoming an Inclusive Design Hub?

As a disability advocate and New Yorker, it has become frustratingly obvious that something strange and wonderful is taking place in Boston. You probably haven’t noticed yet, but once I point it out, you might start seeing it everywhere. I believe I’m in a unique position to see this trend, as I write about the intersection of disability and fashion. Please don’t let these two interests of mine stop you from reading further, because this post is not just about disability and fashion. It’s about that feeling you get when you happen across a product that was made just for you. For your very specific need. And constructed beautifully.

Also, you should know that I am a die hard Yankees fan and Bill Belichick frightens me. Continue Reading →

Help Fund The SEAMS: Un Vogue Fashion Stories

Let’s kickstart this amazing podcast about the culture of fashion!

A talented group of NPR veterans has teamed up to create stories about fashion. Here’s the thing: the people and the stories will be real. These stories will look at fashion in the context of anthropology, history, symbolism and culture. These stories will feel relatable and educational. And I can’t wait. Only I have to. Because The SEAMS needs funding. Continue Reading →